Dry Stone Walling - News

Training Courses - 2024

Training 2023

The branch have now started our 2024 training course programme.

The April course was a success, with good weather, and a hard-working and enthusiastic group of students.  The new venue, also in Hoylandswaine, was well-liked both by trainees and instructors.

Frickley Park - Summer 2023

Frickley Park

This Summer, we were pleased to continue building on the course at Frickley.

In spite of poor weather on one of the building days, we have successfully completed two projects in time for the August event.

Training Courses - 2023

Training 2023

The branch have now started our training programme for 2023.

The April, May and June courses have now been completed.  Our trainees did some good work, and overall we received a positive response.

Frickley Park - Summer 2022

Frickley Park

After a long absence due to the pandemic, we were very pleased to have been asked to do more walling work for the showjumping course at Frickley Park.

We built new walls along one of the watercourses, and completed the work by late May, in time for the Summer events at Frickley.

Courses - 2022

Training course

We ran training courses in May, June, August, September and October of 2022.  All courses were successful, with a total of some 20 new wallers trained.

We are also happy to welcome as members some of our trainees, who subsequently decided to join the DSWA.

Pandemic 2020

As was the case with very many other organisations, we were forced to curtail our activities during 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

On the positive side, we managed to keep meetings going, by moving online, but obviously had fewer activities to discuss than normal.

Spring/Summer 2021 saw us resuming our training courses.